Monthly Archives: January 2014

Data Storage


It seems there will be some red faces at travel insurer Staysure after their legacy systems were hacked and customer card payment details extracted.

Reports suggest that the data taken is not directly useful as the hack only obtained the card security code, rather than the card number also. Why the CVV was stored hasn’t been explained as yet and I am sure the Data Commissioner will be wanting that question answered. The card payment rules prohibit that information from being retained. Further, to store it in an unencrypted manner opens significant risk.

I am sure that there will be an in-depth investigation of all security policies and the necessary changes implemented. The FCA may yet impose fines once the scale of the security breach is exposed.

Hopefully, no customers have had their accounts used fraudulently.



Another year!

Happy New Year! I hope everyone’s festivities went well and this post finds everyone well.

Back to work now, thankfully!

It worries me to see the floods impacting parts of the country with the current period of extreme weather. I hope the ABI & the government are able to reach an agreement for the provision of flood cover in the future. The Statement Of Principles worked OK but has now expired.

Going forward we’re looking to Flood Re to ensure that consumers can protect their property from the most devastating damage. Floods are dreadful, destroying homes, businesses and memories. Adequate protective cover is essential for everyone in the country; not just those on high ground.