CHO services

Whether you are subscribers to the ABI’s GTA, or not, we can provide a fresh-pair-of-eyes overview of your business and make recommendations for improving margin and cash flow.

This may be achieved with internal improvements, external engagement or supply-chain amendment. We can audit your leakage and define a best-fit process within the terms of the GTA, if required, or draw up protocol arrangements to drive improved settlement timescales.

You can engage us on a daily-rate, an agreed project price or you can buy 10, 20 or 30 hours for use as and when you want. That way, we can attend your management meetings, strategy days or focus groups and provide our input on an hour-by-hour basis either face-to-face or with our web conferencing facilities. Similarly, if you want an opinion on anything technical, structural or strategic, we can spend a couple of hours giving our best advice so you have the benefit of an independent party to sense-check your future plans.

The sky’s the limit, really – we can come and do what you want us to deliver/implement or review your business and make recommendations. Let’s have lunch and chat – talk to us and let’s arrange that!