Insurer services

You should talk to us about what we have to offer you. Our solutions are tailorable and flexible to fit your requirements perfectly. We use all aspects of our experience to ensure we deliver precisely what you need. Able to help insurers, TPAs, claims handlers and vehicle fleets, among others, we can assist control your claims cost across the board.

Process:- We will come and scrutinise each of the functions in your business and review how they interact. We can look at how your current process is operating at macro and micro levels making recommendations for improvement. We will add extra efficiency and ensure there is visibility at each critical stage to enable case volumes to be managed. You will be left with a robust, scalable process that aligns with your strategy and structure ensuring your resource is efficiently and effectively utilised. Both Claimant and Defendant businesses can benefit from a fresh-pair-of-eyes review. This will give you the confidence that you are future-proof and ready for growth.
Structure:- We can review your current structure and suggest changes to boost efficiency and focus. We'll check that credit hire claims are in the right place at the right time and dealt with by the right people. With the correct structure, your business becomes more effective and adaptable, ready to respond to changes in volume. Effective deployment of resource creates a scalable environment in where you get the most from your people.
Supplier:- We can advise on insource/outsource models for your credit hire work recommending which available supplier fits best for you. We are not affiliated with any of the existing providers so can provide a wholly dispassionate and independent opinion. If you currently outsource your work, we review that to make sure it is working for you. If there are multiple solutions, we can run supplier tenders to select the optimum business partner. We'll keep abreast of existing, and upcoming, offerings and can provide an independent view of each based on your requirements..
Audit:- We can oversee audits of internal process and quality as well as supply chain, such as engineers, to test for leakage, delay, duplication or inefficiency. Our experience of working from both Claimant and Defendant perspectives gives a broad understanding of the challenges and nuances of both angles. Whatever we are asked to audit, we will agree an audit scope and programme with you and complete it within agreed timescales, producing a detailed report of our findings together with recommendations for all parties involved. We'll cover off all discussions in a detailed exit interview to wrap up.
Strategy:- We can attend your management meetings, strategy days or focus groups and provide our input, challenging the current thought processes to seek out improvements. You combine our experience with your own which, coupled with our independence, will deliver an optimum result. Having a external party attend strategy days forces lateral thinking and cuts through static thinking or internal assumption. We're available on an hour-by-hour basis either face-to-face or with our web and phone conferencing facilities.
Opinion:- If you want an opinion on anything technical, structural or strategic, we can spend a couple of hours giving our best advice so you have the benefit of an independent fresh pair of eyes to sense-check your future plans. We can ensure you've considered all the options and solutions and give you the confidence that you are heading on the right track. If we think you've missed a bit, we'll say so and recommend how to correct that. It doesn't matter what you want a view on; it could be a single claim or just a view on something you've heard – we're happy to give you our input so you have  all angles covered. Before you change something; run it by us.

We can bring expertise of other business’ solutions and create bespoke ones that fit best for you. Give us a call to talk through what you need – or let us review your structure and provide cost-saving recommendations; we can save you time & money and ensure your department is running optimally.

You can engage us on a daily-rate, an agreed project price or you can buy 10, 20 or 30 hours for use as and when you want – we can agree cost; let’s discuss what you need and go from there.